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Dear classic car enthusiast,
Through a beautiful late summer week, we slide into the autumn again, a season that I always enjoy to the fullest in my open Triumph TR6. Today I present to you fourteen newly arrived classics, vintage cars, and sports cars for sale.
It was again a lot of fun driving these special cars, some exceptionally special examples stood out, such as the formidable and powerful Bentley Special 3/8 Racer and the flashy Buick Super Eight Special that gave passers-by strained necks! Today you will also find a handful of beautiful Italian creations. Above you see a splendid example of 1970s Italian dashboard design in a Lancia Beta, and below you will also find a scarce and particularly well-preserved Fiat 127 Sport 75 HP! It is another beautifully varied collection that can be viewed in detail on the website. And our garages also welcome you to visit their showrooms and workshops to admire the cars in real life!
'Enjoy the Ride!'
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With best wishes,
Marc Vorgers.
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Lagonda LG45 'Rapide' four-seater Tourer, year 1937. Colour gray metallic combined with a dark red leather interior and a black mohair hood and tonneau cover. The Lagonda LG45 is a very rare car, only 278 examples were built in the years 1936 - 1937. The car was sold new with a sedan 'De Ville' body. In 1994 the chassis was fitted with the current spectacular 'Rapide' four-seater Tourer body, which was hand-built by renowned British coachwork artist Rod Jolley. Mechanically and technically, the car has been completely and beautifully restored and overhauled by LMB in Belgium. This is a beautiful Lagonda LG 45 'Rapide' in superb condition! More information on the website.
Price: € 285.000,-*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
TRIUMPH TR 250, 1968 
Triumph TR 250, year 1968. Colour Jasmine yellow combined with a black leather interior finished with white piping and black carpet. Black cloth soft-top and vinyl hood cover. The TR 250 is a rare Triumph, only 8484 examples were built in 1967 and 1968. This Triumph TR 250 is in very good condition and the car drives and sounds superbly! This beautiful Triumph TR 250 was imported from Oregon (USA) to the Netherlands in 1994, since then the car has had only one enthusiastic owner. A beautiful TR and a super nice driver's car!
More information on the website.
Price: € 39.500, -*.
Telephone international: +31 26 442 99 37
Lancia Beta 2000 Spider, year 1980. Colour red (Rosso Corsa) combined with a black leatherette interior and black carpet. Black detachable roof and black 'soft window' hood. This beautiful Lancia Beta 2000 Spider from the 3rd series was sold new in the Netherlands by 'Autobedrijf De Vlasroot' in Valkenswaard. The car has had three caring owners since new and the odometer shows 60.270 kilometers. This beautiful Lancia is in a completely original and excellent condition! There are only 5046 examples built from the series 3
two-liter model. More information on the website.
Price: € 20.950, -*.
Telephone international: +31 516 520 026
Bentley Special 3/8 Racer, chassis built in 1952. This impressive Bentley Special was hand-built by Racing Green Engineering from South Wales in the United Kingdom. Colour blue with cream white accents and black lacquered spoke wheels. Interior finished with light brown leather and black mohair weather equipment. The paint of the body and the leather of the interior has been artificially aged (patina), which looks beautiful! This mighty Bentley Special 3/8 Racer is based on a 1952 Bentley Mk VI chassis. The chassis was completely restored and strengthened to accommodate the also completely rebuilt Bentley 6-litre eight-cylinder engine and the Bentley four-speed manual gearbox. This superbly built and very reliable Bentley Special has been maintained by Racing Green Engineering (service) dealer Altena Classic Service. This Bentley Special is a magnificent powerhouse! More information on the website.
Price: € 295.000,-*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
CITROËN 2CV6, 1975
Citroën 2CV6, year 1975. Colour black and yellow in the style of the 2CV6 Charleston, combined with a black vinyl interior and a black mohair fabric roof. This beautiful Citroën 2CV6 has been extensively restored in recent years. The chassis was renewed and the engine overhauled. This 2CV6 is in very good to excellent condition and comes with a restoration report. The driving experience is unique due to the soft suspension, the strong lean in bends, the 'umbrella handle' gear lever, the unmistakable 2CV6 two-cylinder sound and finally the fabric roof that can be partially or completely opened!
More information on the website.
Price: € 11.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 26 442 99 37
Facel Vega Facel III, year 1964. Colour blue metallic combined with a beige vinyl interior, light beige carpet and beige headliner. This beautiful Facel III was sold new in Switzerland, where it was first registered in 1965. This very original Facel III was sold by AFH to the current owner in January 2022. The owner instructed us to completely repaint the body in the original colour, install air conditioning, and install Michelin XAS 185-14 tires. This beautiful Facel III is in a very good and very original condition, the car shows all the original details and the original interior is in a beautiful condition!
More information on the website.
Price: € 78.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 529 481 385
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2000 GTV 'Bertone', 1972. (30 January 1972). Colour black combined with a dark red leather interior and black carpet. This beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 'Bertone' was sold new in Italy, the car was imported into the Netherlands in July 1999. The car was restored over a period of ten years, the work was recently completed. The car has a beautiful stance and the large alloy wheels in GTA style complete the picture. This beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV Bertone will bring the Alfa Romeo enthusiast a lot of driving pleasure! More information on the website.
Price: € 55.950,-*.
Telephone international: +31 516 520 026
MG TC, 1946
MG TC, year 1946. Colour dark red combined with a matching dark red leather interior, finished with black carpet. Black mohair cloth soft-top, hood cover, tonneau cover and black side window frames. This beautiful MG TC was sold new in the United Kingdom. In the years 2008 – 2010 the MG TC was extensively restored to factory specifications in the UK. No expense has been spared to make the car perfect. The restoration is excellently documented, a photo report of the complete restoration is present as well as a folder with all invoices. This MG TC shows all original details and is equipped with two rear-mounted spare wheels. This beautiful MG TC is turnkey ready to enjoy to the fullest!
More information on the website.
Price: € 38.500,*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
Buick Super 8 Special, year 1930. Colour cream white combined with a burgundy red interior. This is a beautiful racer built on a 1930 Buick 45 chassis, equipped with an in-line eight-cylinder Buick Fireball 5.3 liter engine! The rebuilt engine features two Edelbrock downdraught carburetors and a custom exhaust manifold. The power (approx. 165 HP) is transmitted to the rear wheels via a three-speed manual gearbox and floor shift. The driving experience is rough, exciting, and very satisfying. A great monster machine that the faint of heart should stay as far away from as possible! More information on the website.  
Price: € 89.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 26 442 99 37
FIAT 127 SPORT 5 SPEED 75HP, 1983
Fiat 127 Sport 5 Speed 75 HP, year 1983. Colour black (Nero) combined with a grey interior. Two-tone grey vinyl seats with cloth centres, dark grey carpet. This beautiful Fiat 127 Sport 75 HP was sold new to Switzerland, the second owner was an Italian collector in Cervesina. The Fiat still has the Italian license plate CT738176 and the odometer currently reads 52,967 kilometers. This fantastic Fiat 127 Sport comes from the 3rd Fiat 127 series and is equipped with the powerful 75 HP 1300 cc engine fitted with a twin-choke Weber carburettor. The 127 Sport 75 HP is the top model of the 127 series. The car is in a beautiful original condition with all the original details present!
More information on the website.
Price: € 14.950,-*.
Telephone international: +31 516 520 026
Jaguar MK II 3.4 Litre, year 1965. Colour smoke silver metallic combined with a dark red leather interior and red carpet. This stylish and beautiful Jaguar Mk II was extensively restored in the Netherlands in the 1990s. The bodywork restoration has been carried out to a high level of perfection, the exterior of the car exudes pure quality. This Jaguar MK II is in beautiful and excellent condition with original leather upholstery. This Jaguar Mk II 3.4 liter is equipped with the desirable manual gearbox and overdrive! This beautiful Jaguar MK II drives great and is ready to be enjoyed to the fullest by the next proud owner!
More information on the website.
Price: € 49.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
Lancia Beta 1600 Berlina, year 1977. Colour pale beige combined with a beige cloth interior combined with brown vinyl door trim and a black dashboard. This fantastic Lancia Beta Berlina was sold new to Mr. A. Quistello in Brescia, Italy with the Italian license plate BS552405. The car was cherished by him until his death in 2001, after which the car was inherited by his daughter. There are currently 59.533 kilometers on the odometer.
The car shows all the original details and comes with the original booklets. This is a beautiful Lancia Beta 1600 Berlina in super original condition that is hard to find; A real time capsule! More information on the website.
Price: € 10.950,-*.
Telephone international: +31 516 520 026
Healey Silverstone D-type, year 1949. Colour red combined with a black interior and silver painted wheels. This magnificent Healey Silverstone has an American and European racing history and the car participated in the 2016 Mille Miglia. This rare Healey Silverstone was sold new to the USA, the full history is known and documented. The Healey Silverstone is a rare sports car. From July 1949 to September 1950, 105 examples were built: 51 D-Types and 54 E-Types. The Healey has been maintained and perfected by top specialists. This Healey Silverstone is in very good condition with a fantastic patina. The car drives and steers perfectly and comes with a removable roll bar for track use. This fantastic Healey Silverstone could be your ticket to a future Mille Miglia! More information on the website.
Price: € 199.000,-*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
MG MGB roadster, year 1976. Colour Golden Beige metallic combined with a two-tone black/red interior. Black (leather) seats and a black dashboard, red carpet and red door panels. Black vinyl soft top and hood cover. This beautiful MGB roadster was sold new in the Netherlands. The car was sold new with rubber bumpers, which were replaced during the bodywork restoration by beautiful chrome copies of the earlier model. The body was also professionally painted in golden beige metallic. This great MGB roadster is in very good condition and the car drives perfectly! This beautiful example is ready for many adventures in the hands of a proud new owner! More information on the website.
Price: € 19.500,-*.

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