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Dear classic car enthusiast,
There is still a lot to enjoy from our classics this autumn. I myself did two great classic road trips in September. A trip with an excellent Alfa Romeo Spider over several mountain passes in Austria and Italy (including the Stelvio), and a road trip to the Goodwood Revival with the Triumph TR 6 that I have cherished and enjoyed since 1999.
Today I present twelve newly arrived classics, sports cars, and rally cars for sale. Very special are two rare top-class Facel Vega automobiles that have been restored to the highest possible level by Amicale Facel Holland. A Facel Vega Excellence EX2 and the Facel Vega Facel II shown above. Also top pieces in terms of price and value; you will not find more beautiful and better examples worldwide!
Last but not least, I present new restoration projects at Classic Job of a Volvo P1800 Jensen, a Volvo 1800 S and a Peugeot 403 convertible. These projects will be updated
every month, so stay tuned!

Enjoy the ride,
with best regards,

Marc Vorgers
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BMW Isetta 300, year 1957. Colour red with cream, combined with a grey vinyl/cloth interior with a red/cream diamond pattern and gray carpet. This fantastic BMW Isetta 300 comes from a collection. This beautiful 'bubble car' has recently been extensively restored by a specialized company. The car has driven 600 kilometers since the restoration was completed. The car is in a beautiful top condition! This beautiful BMW Isetta 300 comes complete with the original instructions, a leather case and a Piccolino mini caravan! The caravan is in brand new condition and is equipped with a bed for two people. A unique combination! More information on the website.
Price: € 45.000,-*.
Telephone International: +31 524 561 122
Bentley Speed 8 Tourer, year (chassis) 1952. Exterior colour black combined with a black leather interior. Black wool carpet and black mohair hood, hood cover, and tonneau cover. This beautiful and unique Bentley Speed 8 was completed in the year 2014 by Racing Green Engineering (Wales, UK). The Bentley (Mk VI) chassis has been fully restored and a brand new overhauled Bentley B80 5.7 liter eight cylinder inline engine has been fitted. All mechanical components have been restored and overhauled to brand new top condition and a beautiful 'Le Mans' open tourer body has been fitted. The aluminum body is hand-built to perfection by the skilled craftsmen of Racing Green Engineering. This Bentley Speed 8 special is a top example in superb condition, a wonderful find for the enthusiast. Altena Classic Service is an official Racing Green Engineering (service) dealer, they can provide all service and maintenance for you. More information on the website.
Price: € 295.000, -*.
Telephone International: +31 524 561 122
Facel Vega Excellence EX2, year 1962 (EX2 C007). Colour Gris Richelieu combined with a 'Rouge Vif' full leather interior. This extremely rare Facel Vega Excellence has been completely restored to absolute top condition by Amicale Facel Holland. CLICK HERE to see the online report. The restoration of this Excellence was completed in the first half of 2022. Only 8 cars of this type were built in 1961 and 1962. This is a super rare Facel Vega Facel Excellence EX2, a good investment and a top specimen for the enthusiast/collector or a museum. This is without doubt the best example in the world. More information on the website.
Price: On application*.
Telephone International: +31 529 481 385
Facel Vega Facel II, year 1964 (HK2 B167). Colour black combined with a beige leather interior. This beautiful Facel Vega Facel II is a top of the line model with the 6.7 L V8 engine equipped with two quadruple Carter AFB carburettors, the manual Pont à Mousson 4-speed gearbox, power steering, and air conditioning. In 2005, Amicale Facel Holland was commissioned to fully restore this Facel Vega to the best possible level and regardless of the cost, after which it was completed and delivered in 2009. The car has driven only 4200 kilometers since the restoration and has been regularly serviced. This Facel II won first prizes in its classes at various Concours d'Elégances, such as the Concours Palais Het Loo (the Netherlands) in 2014, and Schloss Ludwigsburg (Germany) in June 2016. Furthermore, this beautiful Facel II was shown by AFH in January 2017 with 10 other Facel Vega automobiles in a Facel Vega Themed exhibition at the Interclassics Maastricht. This is a rare Facel Vega Facel II in immaculate top condition! More information on the website.
Price: On application*.
Telephone International: +31 529 481 385
MG MGC roadster, year 1969. Colour British Racing Green combined with a black interior. Black leather seats with headrests and black carpet. Beige 'pack away' soft top (stores in the trunk). This fantastic MGC roadster is in a very good and beautiful condition and the car drives excellently. The car is very well maintained; the last owner cherished the car since 2018. The MGC is the six-cylinder sister car of the MGB, the engine comes from the Austin Healey 3000 and delivers 150 SAE hp. The driving experience is a mix of the 'Big Healey' and the compact MGB, and the exhaust note is great!
More information on the website.
Price: € 31.750, -*.
Telephone International: +31 26 442 99 37
SAAB 96 SPORT, 1963
Saab 96 Sport, year 1963. Colour white combined with a red leatherette/cloth interior trimmed with silver piping and grey carpet. This beautiful Saab 850 shows all the details of the 850 Sport model such as the special chrome trim on the sides, the special ventilation openings on the hood and the special 850 Sport badges. The Saab 96 850 'two-stroke' was a very successful rally weapon of the 1960s. In the hands of legendary rally driver Erik Carlsson, Saab achieved many successes, such as the victory in the Monte Carlo Rally of 1963 and the San Remo Rally of 1964. In 2004 Erik Carlsson put his signature on the sun visor of this Saab! This fantastic Saab 96 850 Sport has been extensively and beautifully restored in the past, the car is in excellent condition and drives perfectly.
More information on the website.
Price: € 38.750,-*.
Telephone International: +31 26 442 99 37
MERCEDES-BENZ 220 S (W180), 1958
Mercedes-Benz 220 S (W180), year 1958. Colour black combined with a two-tone grey fabric/leatherette interior and grey carpet. This beautiful Mercedes-Benz W180 was sold new in Sweden. In the year 2009 the car was imported to the Netherlands. This fantastic time capsule is in a very good, very beautiful, and very original condition. The automobile has been part of a classic car collection since 2015, and has been meticulously serviced and maintained by a specialist over the years. This Mercedes-Benz W180 is a great find for the Mercedes enthusiast and collector. More information on the website.
Price: €43.500,-*.
Telephone International: +31 524 561 122
MG MGC roadster, year 1969. Colour primrose yellow combined with a black leather interior and black carpet. Black soft top and hood cover. This beautiful MGC roadster was extensively restored in the period 2014-2015, the car is in excellent condition and the car drives perfectly. The MGC is the rare and highly desirable six-cylinder sister model of the MGB. The MGC has a powerful 3000 cc engine with a power of 150 SAE hp from the Austin Healey! This beautiful MGC has had only one owner since the restoration. The car features 15-inch black painted wire wheels, OVERDRIVE, a black MotoLita sports steering wheel, leather seats with headrests, chrome mesh grille, stainless steel exhaust and dual-assist power brakes. More information on the website.
Price: € 29.750,-*.
Telephone International: +31 26 442 99 37
This Volvo P1800 Jensen body is fully restored by Classic Job. The car was sold new in the US. The Volvo P1800 Jensen is a very rare Volvo, only 6000 examples were built from 1960 until 1963. Work carried out so far: body stripped, bodywork restored, body dipped in a KTL bath (black base coating which reaches all the metal inside and out), body sprayed with epoxy spray putty. In the next update you will see the sleek body in the new paint. More information on the website. 
Telephone International: +31 529 481 385
This very special Peugeot 403 Cabriolet is a real barn find. The car has been in a shed in France for decades. The owner took the car to Classic job for a full restoration. This luxury convertible is a highly sought after automobile. The car is equipped with a compressor on the engine for extra power. This is a very special accessory from the period. The car will be disassembled soon. In the next update you will see the car completely disassembled and stripped of paint. To be continued. 
Telephone International: +31 529 481 385
The body of this Volvo 1800 S is being restored to brands new top condition by Classic Job. The car was delivered stripped and all glue residues and tectyl have been removed. The bodywork was then completely stripped of paint in a paint stripping bath. The body is in a beautiful rust free condition. Both rear fenders show poorly repaired minor collision damage that needs to be repaired. The rear has also been fitted with a poorly welded new panel in the past that needs to be replaced. To be continued. 
Telephone International: +31 529 481 385
Citroën ID19 rally car, 1969
€ 27.500, -. More information
Alfa Romeo GT Junior rally car, 1971
€ 27.750, -. More information
MG TD, 1952
€ 26.500, -. More information
Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 rally car,
1971. € 107.500, -. More information

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Original classic Blaupunkt and Becker auto radios for most European car makes and models (1962 - 1978) are available on special order. The radios are refurbished and restored in our own workshops. 
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