Morgan  4, 1965
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Morgan +4, 1965

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Morgan +4, annee 1965. Numéro de châssis: 00MORGA00035XXX. Couleur vert avec un intérieur en cuir noir. Ce classique et sportive Morgan +4 est en très bon état et la voiture roule parfaitement. Ceci est un classique Morgan originale mettant en vedette le moteur puissant et ‘coupleux’ Triumph TR 4. La voiture montre une légère patine qui ajoute au caractère de la voiture fortement! Ceci est une voiture de conducteur Morgan très authentique à la différence des exemples plus modernes brillants. La voiture a été vendue neuve aux Pays-Bas.


The Morgan 4/4 was built for 50 years. the first model, introduced in the year 1936 was the 4/4 with flat radiator which was built until the year 1951. After a four year break (only the Morgan plus 4 was built those years) the Morgan 4/4 was going to be rebuild. The car did not change a lot (conservative as they are at the Morgan company), only the shape of the radiator changed from flat to cowled. Morgan never built their own engine, the early flat radiator cars were powered by Standard or Ford engines. The cowled radiator models were powered by Ford engines. The Ford engine used was known as the "Kent"engine and was also used in Fords Cortina model. Morgan 4/4 1600 cars were powered by the 1599 cc. Ford Kent engine which had a standard capacity of 98 bhp. giving the light car (two seater 660 kg./ four seater 785 kg.) sporty performance. Drivers who wanted additional torque and power were offered the Triumph TR four cylinder engine which offered a power output of 96 bhp. (TR3) or 105 bhp. (TR4). These cars were named Plus four. The four speed gearbox was fully synchronized. The Morgan 4/4 is a very special car to drive because it has it's own strong character. It cannot be compared with any other roadster or convertible.

Technical data

4 cylinder in line engine (Triumph TR4)
cylinder capacity: 2138 cc.
carburettors: 2x S.U.
capacity: 105 bhp. at 4750 rpm.
top-speed: 175 km/h.
weight: approx. 785 kg.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers